No paid ministry


Unlike many other church groups, Christadelphians have no paid ministry. Instead we are a lay community of ordinary men and women who must work to earn a living.

The reason for this is that we try and follow the beliefs and practices of the first century Christians as far as possible. You might remember that the disciples had no such leader among them; the only leader of their church was the Lord Jesus Christ. And the Apostles all had regular jobs; Paul was a tentmaker, Peter and Andrew were fishermen, and so on.

This means that since we have no vicar, bishop or priest, we take turns to lead (or preside over) a service, and we take turns to deliver the sermon (which we call the exhortation) and the public address or Bible hour. We also feel that this gives our listeners a great variety of speakers and subjects, and that is why you will hear different speakers each time you come.

The disciples were told that it was everyone’s responsibility to care for the welfare of each other – remember Jesus showing them how to wash one another’s feet in John 13? So it is with us – and this creates a lovely family atmosphere amongst us. But of course, visitors are always made to feel very welcome!

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