The Bible in a Nutshell seminar


We can now reveal full details of our seminar, to be held on Saturday 20th October God willing. If you’ve ever wondered what the Bible is all about, and want a basic introduction to it, then this seminar is for you. It’s an overview of the Bible message, why there are two testaments, advice on how to read and understand it better, and some useful background information. The main aim is that it should help you to understand why it is important to read the Bible, and it will also give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and chat with our three friendly presenters. If you live in Burton, you may have already received this card through the post:

It’s totally free and you’ll be under no obligations at any time. If you want to book on, and haven’t received this card, just send your name and email / postal address to this address:

Freepost Plus RSJG-JCSY-EBGB
Burton Christadelphians
299a Blackpool Street
Burton on Trent
DE14 3AR

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