The Mystery Atheist


Thanks to those who have signed up for the forthcoming Bible in a Nutshell seminar, which is to be held at the Three Queens Hotel on Saturday 20th October. You’ll be receiving signing in details shortly. It’s still not too late to book, just reply to this post with your contact details. They will not be published.

We were interested to receive one returned booking form from someone who clearly doesn’t want to come to the seminar! This person neatly printed all over the form some Bible passages which they don’t like, and signed off: “Open your eyes you deluded fools!!”

For whatever reason, they did not include their contact details. However, if this is you we would be very happy to discuss your issues and show you why we believe the Bible is the Word of God – including those bits you don’t like. Just get in touch.

In fact, we’re always happy to hear from anyone, whether they agree with our beliefs or not. Just get in touch!

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