What’s On?



We have a public Bible Hour every Sunday. The plan for the next few weeks looks like this, God Willing:

13th January, 6pm:
“William Tyndale and a Bible for the People”
Have you ever realised the lengths people went to in order that we can read the Bible in our own language? Tyndale was one of those people who took great risks just so that the Bible could be printed in English 500 years ago – hear the whole amazing story!

20th January, 6pm:
“Fake news, not here”
One phenomenon of the last few years has been the spreading of fake news across the world’s media. Yet no part of the Bible is fake- come and hear its truth and see the contrast to the news all around us!

27th January, 6pm:
“Europe and the EU in Bible prophecy”
This is a big year for the EU, with changes coming over Britain’s membership. And wouldn’t it be amazing if these significant events were actually predicted in the Bible? Come and hear how and where the Bible describes what will happen in Europe in the days before Christ’s return to earth.

3rd February, 2:30pm:
“Egypt has a glorious future
You might not realise that Egypt is mentioned in Bible prophecy, and not only that, but it is also singled out for an amazing role in the last days. Come along and hear more about it, straight from the pages of your Bible!

10th February, 6pm:
“The amazing accuracy of the Bible”
Following on from the glimpses of prophecy in the last two weeks, here we will review the overall mind-boggling accuracy of what it reveals. If we can trust what it has said about past events before they happened, surely we need to trust its predictions for the future too?

17th February, 6pm:
“How to read and understand the Bible”
The Bible can sometimes be a daunting book to read. But help is at hand! We’ll show you the best way to start reading it – and understanding it – for yourself.

These Bible hours are all friendly evenings in which a Bible subject is presented in a straightforward way. Each week there is a different subject and a different presenter. (Why?)