What’s On?



We have a public Bible Hour every Sunday. The plan for the next few weeks looks like this, God Willing:

18th August, 6pm:
“God’s promised kingdom”
What does the Bible mean when it talks about a kingdom? Where will it be, and who will be there? Come and hear the answers to these questions and more.

25th August, 6pm:
“Only One God, the Father”
The Bible teaches that God is all-powerful and that there is none other like Him. So where does Jesus fit in, or His Holy Spirit? Come and hear more about this often-misunderstood subject.

1st September, 2:30pm:
A clear guide to some important aspects of what the Bible teaches.

8th September, 6pm:
“How can I start my life again?”
Is it possible to begin all over again, even in the later stages of life? And why might you want to? The Bible shows that you’re never too old.

15th September, 6pm:
“Archaeology – Evidence for Bible Truth”
Each year, archaeologists discover more evidence of the people and places spoken of in the Bible – even things they believed were once just myths. Come and hear the latest.

22nd September, *2:30pm* – NOTE TIME
“Spotting Brexit in the Bible – and have you seen what’s coming next?!”
A special talk linked to our coffee morning the day before, where we will be considering this very relevant subject. Where can we find Brexit – and many other current events – in the pages of the Bible?

These Bible hours are all friendly evenings in which a Bible subject is presented in a straightforward way. Each week there is a different subject and a different presenter. (Why?)