What’s On?



We have a public Bible Hour every Sunday. The plan for the next few weeks looks like this, God Willing:

2nd December, 2:30pm:
“Signs on the Mountains of Israel”
The prophet Ezekiel talks about signs on Israel’s mountains. What are these signs, and how do they relate to events happening right now in the Middle East? Does it mean something huge is about to happen?   

9th December, 6pm:
“How to make Rocks”
Can rocks reveal anything about the way the world began? What does nature tell us about the True God? And is Genesis something we can trust in?  

16th December, 6pm:
“Christ is Coming – Are you ready?”
Many Bible prophecies talk about the return of the King, the Lord Jesus Christ, to this earth at a future date. Looking at what is happening in the world today, the signs are that this event is about to take place. If that’s the case, are you ready for it?   

23rd December, 6pm:
“Prophecy Proves the Bible True”
Lots of Bible prophecies have already taken place. Given that they were written years, or in some cases centuries, before the events they predicted, does this give us grounds to trust that the Bible is a truly remarkable book with a Divine author?   

30th December, 6pm:
“Evidence that Life was Designed”
Even before we pick up the Bible for the first time, looking at the natural world around us leaves us wondering whether a Creator was actually behind some of the design of remarkable features, and the incredibly close relationships and dependencies between species. This talk will look at just some of these pieces of evidence.   

6th January, 2:30pm:
More details of 2019 events to follow soon.    

These Bible hours are all friendly evenings in which a Bible subject is presented in a straightforward way. Each week there is a different subject and a different presenter. (Why?)