What’s On?



We have a public Bible Hour every Sunday. The plan for the next few weeks looks like this, God Willing:

5th January 2020, 2:30pm:
“Where to worship in 2020”
Come along and hear what the Bible teaches about where the right place to worship God is, and the right way to worship Him. Now’s a great time to make a resolution to find out more about Him this year!

12th January, 6pm:
“What happens when we die?
Some people think we go to heaven when we die, others think there is nothing at all beyond the life we know. But what does the Bible teach about life after death? This is a clear and helpful presentation of Scriptural truth.

19th January, 6pm:
“How can God permit natural disasters?”
We have heard much in the news about the recent volcano eruption in New Zealand, plus the bush fires in Australia, along with flooding and earthquakes. All of these things happen in our world and cause much suffering. So how can a loving God permit these events? This talk will provide the answer.

26th January, 6pm:
“What is Faith?”
Many people today say that they have faith in a powerful God, but have no interest in going to church or even reading the Bible. Do these things matter? Will God be pleased with those who say they are “spiritual but not religious”?

2nd February, 2:30pm
“Does it matter what we believe?”
The Bible is very clear that the teaching of Jesus and the promises of the Old Testament are among those things that we need to believe if we are to please God. But is what we believe as important as what we do? This talk will present the Bible’s view.

9th February, 6pm
“The House of God”
What is the house of God? The Bible talks a lot about His house, so does he dwell in heaven, or in some other place? This is a family friendly talk, aimed at children.

16th February, 6pm:
“The real Bible devil”
What does the Bible teach about the devil? Is it something we need to be afraid of? And if God is so powerful, why does the devil still exist? All these questions and more will be answered in a simple and clear way.

23rd February, 6pm:
“The Bible’s answer to loneliness”
Many people in today’s society are lonely, and find daily life a real struggle. Does the Bible have any advice, or any help to offer, for those in this situation?

1st March, 2:30pm:
“Who are God’s chosen people?”
The Bible talks about God working with specific families, and a specific nation. But that does not mean that those outside this family or this nation have no hope. Come and hear why that is the case, and why God wants you to be involved.

These Bible hours are all friendly evenings in which a Bible subject is presented in a straightforward way. Each week there is a different subject and a different presenter. (Why?)