Are Christadelphians right or wrong?


There are a few websites out there that are determined to show that Christadelphians are wrong, with erroneous ideas or misguided pioneer founders. This post is deliberately aimed at reaching those who might be searching for this kind of material.

Blank_ForkThe problem with these views is that they look too much at people, and not enough at the Bible. Humans are all fallible individuals, with the capacity to make mistakes. That is why Christadelphians place all their trust on the Bible itself, which they believe is infallible, and the only sure way to be on the right course.

I believe Christadelphians have the right approach to the Scriptures for three reasons. Firstly, they have always tried to help people to search the Scriptures for themselves, not merely join their groups. That is why they use a lot of resources to host Learn to Read the Bible Effectively seminars, and never seek to just fill seats. It’s why a lot of this site is aimed at helping people to read the Bible, and why the process of being baptised is a careful and sometimes lengthy one, not a quick fix. This was the approach commended in Scripture, especially of the Bereans who “searched the Scriptures daily, to see whether those things were so,” (Acts 17v2). That is also why they never ask for money from those who attend events – they do not seek to make money from converts.

The second reason: Christadelphians are convinced that the only way to find out the Truth of the Scriptures is to read them. As often as possible. (“The Scriptures are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus,” 2 Timothy 3v15.)  And to talk about them, discuss them, test ideas in Scripture by comparing them with other verses, and think carefully about what verses are telling us. Not merely to listen to charismatic speakers, or wait for a miracle to happen. Christadelphians are one of the few (only?) church groups who are guided solely by the Bible, and not by a Pope, vicar, priest, pastor, alternative writings, or society’s trends. If the Bible is the standpoint for absolute truth, then surely this approach must be right. (For more on the idea of absolute truth, see this post.)

It must be pointed out that Christadelphians place a huge difference on what is a fundamental Scriptural teaching (sometimes called a First Principle – you can read them here) and a suggestion. Many ideas on prophecy, for example, can only be suggestions as it is very difficult to prove those that are still future. First Principles however are tried and tested ideas that are attested by many verses from all over the Bible, not just in the New Testament. If some of the pioneer founders of the group made predictions that did not come true, it does not affect the First Principles that they derived from the Bible.

Finally, they like to prove their beliefs by always backing them up with Scripture. That is why you will see verses quoted a lot on this site, and also in public talks. Because if it can’t be shown that an idea is Scriptural, then you shouldn’t be asked to believe it.

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  1. gopi g menon says:

    Iam not traditionly christian. converted from Hindu to pentacost. 7 years back. After i attend so many seminars and house meeting. But I have feeling someting less. Last week 3 brothers came my office and they read some words of god I am surprised. which one is true ? Christadelphians.what is your opinion ?

    1. bible4burton says:

      Hi there. Christadelphians believe that the Bible is the true Word of God, and that the Truth is what it teaches. We should read it to check what it says, and make sure we are believing the right things. Lots of other groups claim to teach the Truth but do not refer to what the Bible says, so we need to be very careful. You will find on this website lots of examples of what the Bible teaches, many of which differ from what some established churches believe. Make sure you read the Bible for yourself, and not just accept what people claim it says without checking it!

  2. EJK says:

    Christadelphians interpret the bible to suit their beliefs, and most claim that they know what the scripture means. CD’s have made many failed end time prophesies. John Thomas said that queen Victoria will lay her crown at the feet of Christ. There is not one religion on earth that is 100% correct. But CD’s always say that they have rediscovered the truth. By one man JT, like one member said that he was moved by God’s spirit. You will find that JT did not like Christian beliefs and started his own version. Copied other writers books then claimed that these were his authentic, original books. Today he would have been dragged thru courts. So no one is perfect, except our human mind tells us that we ” know” more then the other person.

    1. bible4burton says:

      Thanks for your comment. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with seeking out your own beliefs based on what the Bible says. Yes John Thomas made mistakes such as the example you have cited, but Christadelphians do not regard him as infallible, or as the head of the body in any way (such a distinction belongs only to Christ). So an erroneous end-time prophecy makes no difference to the validity of these beliefs. In fact, end-time prophecies are never regarded as essential for salvation, and are therefore not included in what we call ‘first principle beliefs’ (based on Hebrews 5v12). Whether John Thomas would have been, as you say, dragged through courts, is also irrelevant as it’s not his works which we regard as inspired or authoritative or spirit-moved. And of course he made mistakes – he was human!

      The point made in this article is merely that Christadelphians seek to base everything they believe on as much of the Bible as possible, often being at pains to cite several verses from different parts of the Bible to back up each point they make. It is this attitude, also demonstrated by the Bereans in Acts 17 who “searched the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so”, and this readiness to accept everything the Bible says – and to keep checking it – that makes Christadelphians different from most (all?) other churches.

  3. robert burton says:

    You keep telling the truth and let no one’s comments discourage you. The truth will set us free.

  4. Philip says:

    Dr John Thomas in his book Elpis Israel made a thorough re-evaluation of many aspects of Bible teaching to the point that he illustrated very clearly that we do not have immortal souls, do not go to heaven when we die and that Israel remains central to God’s purpose. He believed that the Jewish people would return to their land before they did – based only on Bible prophecies.

    Christadelphians ‘challenge’ you to see what the Bible really says – not what many other churches say it does.

  5. Ralph Diliberto says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your web site, very concise and scripturally backed! Thank you, Love in Christ, Ralph Diliberto

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