Coming Up

Each Sunday we hold a Bible Hour. This is a friendly evening in which a Bible subject is presented in a straightforward way. Each week there is a different subject and a different presenter. (Why?)

The Bible Hour generally starts at 6 p.m., except the first Sunday of the month when it starts at 2:30 p.m. All details below are God Willing.




26th Nov  “Can we rely on the Bible?” – John Bawdon (Bristol Downend)

3rd Dec  “What it means to be born again” – Simon Genders (Nottingham Forest Rd)

10th Dec  “We ignore God’s prophets at our peril” – David Honey (Coventry East)

17th Dec  “The world in crisis – the Bible has the answer” – John Cave (Birmingham Hall Green)

24th Dec TBA – Ken Anderton (Mumbles)

31st Dec  “There will be peace on earth” – Roger Sharpe (Lichfield)

The talks last around 30-45 minutes.  Some of them are available as downloads here.  There is of course no entrance fee – you will never be asked for money or put under any kind of pressure.  You will always receive a friendly welcome!

We also have other events from time to time, such as our Bible Reading Group.

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